2nd Grade

Cityscape Collage: 2nd Grade

This project has many small parts. We start it at the beginning of the year with the tissue paper collage sunset. I made this prezi for this project: City At Sunset! We talk about warm and cool colors as we create a representation of the sky. I let the students make pennant flags as other finish. I start the next class with the city silhouettes. We cut a variety of building shapes and layer with highlight details in colored pencil. Then we talk about what can go in our foreground. Students are allowed to choose between roads and parks or a combination. We cover the meaning behind overlapping, background, middle ground, and foreground really well as we are building these layers from back to front. To group brainstorm, we sketch ideas with black marker or what we see in parks and cities. I cut them out and glue a class reference poster which early finishers can color in.

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