Hey, Teachers!

Are you also spending too much time trying find resources for art, STEAM, and creative things? Perhaps like me, your school has closed for the rest of the year and you’re trying to sort out how to get good content to kids without losing your mind?

Sharing is caring. I believe when teachers share resources, it leaves more time to focus on the teaching.

I work hard to credit others when appropriate, and I never post materials made by others without their permission. I also believe in morals and karma, so try hard not to sell my materials to others. If you post a freebie to your own site, a credit with a link to original source is appreciated. If you post a purchased resource from my TPT (or any other TPT), you’re really breaking the teacher code of role modeling ethical digital citizenship, and you should stop.

I know some teachers make absolute bank, but I’m not one of them. I’m one of the ones just trying to recoup some of hundreds I personally spend keeping my Title 1 elementary Art and STEAM programs flourishing.

Classroom Visuals and Resources are on this page as you scroll down. Click the pink buttons to take you to Substitute Lesson Resources, Art Resources, and STEAM Resources.

(NOTE: I’ve been updating my website this month (May 2020), so check back for more soon)

Creative Substitute Lesson Resources

Art Education Resources

STEAM Education Resources

Classroom Labels in English and Spanish

I made these to support my bilingual and English Language Learners in the art room. They are FREE because I used a free border and took pictures from Google.

PDF:  ArtRoomLabelsSpanishEnglish

Art Table Labels in 8 Colors

There are two series right now that you can mix and match, and they are FREE because I don’t own rights to famous artworks, but these are fair educational use. The links will take you to my TPT page, but they are 100% free.

Series #1: Click Here to go to AIL Teachers Pay Teachers

Series#2: Click Here to go to AIL Teachers Pay Teachers

Makey Makey For the Classroom

Tips and My Process K-6 (pdf) Tips for Teaching Circuits and Makey Makey

Emergency Substitute Lesson Plans 

Let’s face it, the average sub is not prepared to deal with the art room. I even prep my kids when I know I’m going to be at conferences, so they know what to do in case the sub is really clueless. While I rarely need a sick day (knock on wood!), I have these as my emergency lessons.

1st and 2nd: Roll a Creature Coming Soon

3rd and 4th: Roll a Picasso Portrait RollaPicassoPortrait

5th and 6th: Zentangle Cube or Pyramid SubLesson_ZentangleCube     SubLesson_ZentanglePyramid

Handouts and Resources 

Drawing Faces: Eyes, Noses, Mouths Coming Soon

Drawing Like Picasso: Eyes, Noses, and Mouths Coming Soon

Japanese Anime Drawing Resources: Made by Meredith Cosier and MaryJo McCoy AnimeWorksheetMcCoyCosier

Clay Coil Techniques: CoilTechniquesWorksheet

Video Game Design as Education Resources

VCU Currentlab Website: Modules to Share: I work as a Curriculum Developer with Luke Meeken and the Director, Dr. Ryan Patton

However, like all things, this page is ongoing as I update and collect. So check back on this page soon, and hopefully I’ll have more stuff on it.

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  1. I teach the littler artists of the world, so our clay projects tend to be heavier and thicker than necessary. When I wrote it, I had 7 year olds in mind and what I wanted them to understand about Clay transformation on a basic level. Borrow away, and thanks for sharing.

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