STEAM Education

STEAM Education is a personal passion of mine that is interpreted and used differently all over the United States, if it’s included in the school at all. I’m currently teaching 2 separate programs at the same elementary Title1 school, I teach a dedicated STEAM program on a rotation schedule, and share the Art programs with another part time art teacher.

The Makey Makey visit their Educator’s Page for Lessons, Guides, and Info Here

The Makey Makey is a very simple tool that you can use to introduce Physical Computing to any age. Only requires a USB port in a laptop (even the OLD laptops at my school work!) and an internet connection to pull up apps. Any conductive material can become a computer key. I’m sharing some of the resources I use with students below, but check out the posts about Makey Projects in game controllers and instruments.

How I Introduce Makeys: Tips and My Process K-6 PDF: Tips for Teaching Circuits and Makey Makey

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