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My K-6 Donor’s Choose

Update! My Donor’s Choose was fully funded within a WEEK! It’s impact has been amazing as I haven’t had to worry about my Fine Art school budget and my experimental Art Lab expenses crossing paths, plus I have enough Makeys to make amazing things!

I am actively working on updating resources and K-6 projects that I do with Art Lab to this website. Keep a look out for our 2&3 talking city, 6th grade game controllers, and 4&5 play dough soundboards!


(Below is Text in Original Post from the Campaign)


Have you heard about Donor’s Choose? It’s a 501(C) non-profit organization that helps teachers get funding after they apply for what they need. For instance, if you need a document camera, you would apply for that camera through the vendors within Donors Choose. They handle the money collected from donors, and order the product when fully funded. Materials are sent straight to the school.

What am I asking for? Makey Makey kits and conductive materials. Art Lab is something new this year and doesn’t have additional funding. I try my best not to use the art materials in excess and utilize the school technology.

The process took me about 2-3 hours to do the write up and materials list. With the 15% donation to Donor’s Choose added, my total came $800. Before Oct 15th, any donations are matched dollar for dollar by Donor’s Choose if you type SPARK in the promo code when donating!! I also qualified for an Anonymous 1/2 off grant, so my total is $400. Thanks to those that has already donated! Can you help me raise less than $300 bucks for $625 worth of technology and materials?

The link to my Donor’s Choose is right here if you have a few dollars to donate!

I’m planning to have an awesome project follow-up and more than happy to share how I bring Makeys into the classroom with K-6 students if you are interested. If you are a teacher, I would recommend checking Donor’s Choose out.

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