Multiple Grades

Art Displays 2013-2014

Art Teachers always have a beautification role in school displays. Teaching at two schools, I had a variety of displays from Youth Art Month, 3 student shows, and classroom artwork. At one school, we have frames for out work that we regularly alternate. At the other school, we attach work straight to the wall. I have a belief that students should have a touch in student displays. I try to include them in the process whenever I can. 

At the beginning of the year, my 2nd grade classes worked on a mosaic. Welcome to Art was done by one class. They cooperate as a group to piece it together. The other display was done by the entire 2nd Grade for the lobby. Each sure had a piece of the words and I asked students to create a picture that represented their favorite part of school. We had talked about the school as a community and the roles that each of us have in creating our education. 

I intend to do a 2014 with the proverb, “None of us are as smart as all of us.” To prep, I simply make the letter outlines with pencil and sharpie. Using the paper cutter, I make squares. I recommend some type of labeling system before you cut and mix them up or make crazy cuts.

For Youth Art Month I had one day of large group experimental painting. The younger kids were blown away by painting paper larger than they were. Those served as the background for the display. We talked about why we think art is important, what our favorite art experiences were, where imagination and creativity come from. I had students create the letters for the large display and printed advocacy items to share with parents and teachers. Older students wrote some opinions about art and art education to be included. There were 3 other smaller displays around the school. 

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