Teacher Education

New Media Teacher Institute, VCUarts

I have been invited by Dr. Ryan Patton to assist in teaching his New Media Teacher Institute as part of Currentlab at VCUarts from June 23rd-27th. Dr. Patton paved the way for me to teach Video Game Design to 3-8th grade at the Smithsonian Associates in Washington, DC. He has been developing his game curriculum using GameMaker for over 8 years and began training VCU Art Education students to teach the Smithsonian camps sessions in 2012.

I have been helping him expand and develop resources for student and teacher use over the last year, and with a grant he received, Currentlab is offering a five-day summer institute to instruct art teachers from across Virginia in digital game making and expose them to the game design curriculum that can be used in their classrooms and after-school programs.

We will be going over game design skills, animation, sound production, interactive design, physical computing and creative code. I am extremely excited for this week of sharing and expanding the art programs that incorporate STEAM and video game programs. To learn more about the institute and its objectives, visit About The Teacher Institute.

Testing each other's games in Video Game Design Camp at the Smithsonian Associates Summer Camp 2013
Testing each other’s games in Video Game Design Camp at the Smithsonian Associates Summer Camp 2013

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