1st Grade

Dots on a Walk, 1st Grade

As part of my “Shapes on the Move” unit, we learned about Benday dots, patterns, color combinations, types of lines, the difference between 2D and 3D, and collage. We started by reading Press Here as a class. Using the book as a leeway into patterns, we looked at Roy Liechtenstein’s art and found the patterns with Benday dots.  We then had the chance to use dot paint markers to create a collage on paper.

We reviewed different types of 2D lines. We found examples of these lines in the same Roy Lichtenstein artwork and then tried creating the lines in 3D with paper strips. The students learned how to curl, fold, fan, and bend the paper. This lesson was also adapted for kindergarten to enforce scissor skills by cutting our paper in lines and then creating a 2D collage.

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