Worth Checking Out

Teachers come across great resources, websites, people, blogs, and videos all the time. My favorite finds end up here for sharing. Here are great things and people worth checking out! All links will open to new pages.


Top Ten Skills Children Learn From the Arts

Can Video Games Reshape STEM Education? 

Beyond Teacher Egocentrism: Design Thinking

Hands on ≠ Minds on

Experiential Learning




Aaron Stratten, FCPS K-12 Art Supervisor, Writer of What It Means For Art; commentary, review, and thought provoking reads about contemporary art education

Luke Meeken, HS Art Teacher in Hanover County, VA and my STEAM Curriculum Partner for “Digital Arts Mash-Up” (Website) (LinkedIn)

Ryan Patton, VCU Art Education Professor and Currentlab Program Director (K-12 New Media and Video Game Design Education) (Website) (VCU Profile) (Currentlab Website)

Haley Gravis, Art Educator and Curriculum Designer of “Sound and Sculpture” (Website)

Sarah DeWitt Brooks, Elementary Art Teacher (Awesome Art Teacher Blog)

Michelle Land Elementary Art Teacher and Smithsonian Associate Co-Teacher (LinkedIn)



Makey Makey Projects and How To: Makey Makey’s Official Website with LOADS of info

Build with Chrome: Lego Partnered with Google to provide FREE 3D Lego Modeling

National STEM Video Game Challenge: Annual Student Competition and TONS of Resources

Free Curriculums for Maker-Kids: Toy Hacking, 3D Printing, Arduino Rovers

Pixlr: Free Online Image Editor and Manipulator (Similar to MS Paint, but FAR more tools)

Soundation: Free Online Sound Studio (Similar to Garage Band)

YoYo Games: Game Maker (Software used in Smithsonian Programs)


**Art Invention Lab/Meredith Cosier does not own any of the content within links and is not endorsed by the companies who own that content. If you would like something removed, please see the Contact page and I will remove it. Teachers can view the Just For Teachers page to download content that is owned by Art Invention Lab/Meredith Cosier and is free to share.

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